Hope through Code

Maritime Labs

Maritime Labs is the only program in the Maritimes that is helping Canadian newcomers who came as refugees to learn how to code in a university setting. We thrive on connecting newcomers with higher education and helping them pursue their dreams. We do this through two main ways.

Learning Code

Learning how to code is like learning a universal language that everyone can understand including computers. It brings people together in ways we never thought were possible. Our focus is to teach newcomers technologies that they will find valuable not just as general education, but also useful in their everyday lives.

Learning English

English language is an integral part for newcomers to integrate with their new communities in Canada. Alongside learning computer science basics, we will have experienced teachers from the Faculty of Continuing Education of Dalhousie provide English as a Second Language material integrated within the coding lessons.

What do students learn?

Building hope and passion. One piece of code at a time.

Our focus through Maritime Labs is to create a safe educational environment for students to learn a combination of computer programming, English, and learning at a higher education institute.

To introduce students to programming we will start by using Scratch where they will build simple interactive games. This will provide them with the high level concepts needed to write more sophisticated code. Later, they will learn Java and build educational apps.

At the end, the goal for Maritime Labs is not to produce first class coders, but to get them excited about programming and about post-secondary education. Through an interactive classroom, we foster an environment for learning. We would love to chat with you to learn more!

Who are we?

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